Myron Lysenko

Myron LysenkoA Ukrainian Australian, Myron began to write poetry in 1982 and became a professional poet in 1989. His poems have been published over 600 times in literary journals in Australia and overseas, and have been widely anthologised. He has written seven books, the latest, a ghost gum leans over, was published in 2021 by Flying Island Books.

Myron has had extensive community experience as a poet-in-residence in numerous jails, libraries, schools, universities, zoos, as well as featuring at many literary and arts festivals. He has convened monthly poetry readings in Woodend since 2013 titled Chamber Poets and he is the leader of the poetry and music band, Black Forest Smoke. Described as the Leunig of poetry, his black sense of humour is both hilarious and moving. He is currently writing about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Hear Myron during the Friday night Festival Launch, and also on Saturday, at the launch of the haiku anthology Under the same moon.