About Us

This is the official website of the annual Tasmanian Poetry Festival.

The Tasmanian Poetry Festival commenced in 1985 and is held annually, normally over the first full weekend in October, but this may change. Local and guest poets are invited to Launceston to share their work at a range of events held over the Festival weekend.

The Festival was founded by poet, Tim Thorne, who died in 2021. We pay tribute to him for the wonderful legacy he left us. You can read more about Tim and his contributions to the Tasmanian Poetry Festival here.

If you would like to know more about the TPF, please contact us.

And, don’t miss: Our supporters at Walleah Press have compiled a wonderful compilation of information on Tasmanian Poetry Festivals past, present and to come. It contains links to notes and images from past Festivals, further information about some of the featured poets, including poems, and more.