2018 Guest Poet Workshops

Nature of place – Place of nature

Nicola Easthope

Launceston Library Meeting Room (2nd Floor), Civic Square

Friday 5 October 2018, 10am – 1pm

How can poetry (re)connect and express our senses of Being with nature?

How can our knowledge and experience of ‘place’ inform our poetic engagement?

In this workshop, we will explore our connections to environments, built and natural, indigenous and colonised, past and present. We will draw on the work of poets from Oceania, and use art and the outdoors to stimulate new, original poems.

To prepare for this workshop, Nicola would like you write a poem (or series of short poems) involving the physical place where you are right now – indoors or outdoors. Your poem(s) can merely start with that place, or pop up part way through, or be consumed by that place – see where this takes you. The only other constraint is that the poem or poem series is no more than one page.

Optional: please send your poem (rough draft, version 17, or anything in between!) to nicolaeasthopeful@gmail.com by Sunday 30 September. This will help Nicola get a sense of you and your poetic flavours before she meets you.

What to bring:

  • Paper/notebook, pens/pencils (leave the laptop/phone at home for later drafts, unless you really need it);
  • An object that represents your connection to a place;
  • A willingness to share your work from the day, at least in the last hour of the workshop.

This workshop is for anyone at any stage of their poetry writing journey – total beginners and established writers are equally welcome.

Please let Nicola know if you have any mobility or sensory challenges and needs.

You finished your poem–now what?

Gabrielle Journey Jones, Poetic Percussion (NSW)

Friday 5 October 2018 1.30 – 4.30 pm
Launceston Library Meeting Room (2nd Floor)
‘You finished your poem–now what?’ To share or not to share? What to share? Where to share? How to share?  And why do we even care to share? These are the key questions we will dare to share our experiences about as poets.  Gabrielle Journey Jones, a full-time poet and percussionist from South Coast NSW will lead this interactive discussion workshop.
Optional – please bring one of your own poems along if you would like performance practice and supportive group feedback.