Andrew Hardy Youth Poetry Prize

This award for young Tasmanian poets remembers Andrew Hardy, who died in 1997, at the age of 22. Tim Thorne said this of Andrew:

Andrew Hardy was not only a poet of great potential, but his sudden and unexpected death deprived us of his keen intelligence, his warm personality and his idiosyncratic and zany genius. His touch was always deft, no matter what the subject, and his sense of tone is exact and knowing.

The prize is offered for an original piece of work by a young Tasmanian poet, in two sections – up to 16 years, and 17 to 30 years old (at 31/8/22). The prize is open to Tasmanian residents only.

Please note: entries closed on 31/8/22

The Andrew Hardy Prize winners will be announced during the Saturday Session, at the Tasmanian Poetry Festival 2022 (click through for session details).

Sparking Poetry is an anthology of this year’s entries in the Andrew Hardy Youth Poetry Prize. Copies will be given to all of the participants and, for others, they will be available for sale ($5), on the Festival book table. Don’t forget to get yours!